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Simple Suppers

Turning simple suppers into sumptuous soirees.

Simple Suppers celebrates a unique collaboration between one of London’s finest private chefs and the everyday epicurean. The menu will comprise of outstanding seasonal dishes with an emphasis on only the finest local produce. Through careful craftsmanship and served alongside a flight of the finest wines, the Master Sommelier and Head Chef aim to surpass expectation, provide simple preparation and deliver an unforgettable experience all in the comfort of your own home. 

Behind your own four walls, we will adorn your table with bespoke flowers and candles. Menus will be laid and handwritten with care, in preparation of a culinary journey for you and your guests. 

May they be family, friends, the curious thinker or the sophisticated drinker, let them in, pour them a glass and serve your very own, Simple Supper. 

Our team will collect all of our equipment, leaving your home exactly how we found it! 


We have created a bespoke package for you to see in the festive season in style. Think Simple Suppers with a Christmas twist. 


As a result of the further restrictions due to COVID-19 we are now offering a doorstop delivery service. 

Your menu will be prepped to precision by the chef and delivered to you with clear instructions on cooking and serving. 

Your flowers, candles and tableware will arrive with a step by step guide and images on how to lay the perfect table. 

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