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Bringing you fabulous food & some of the uplifting elements of a luxury event or restaurant experience, delivered to you at home.

The Pineapple has long been the symbol of hospitality & welcome, meet Pineapple Express.

They have created weekly changing menus
which are effectively a 3 (or more) course dinner party in a box, which means no shopping, peeling, chopping, cooking or stress of any kind for you!

They have designed a range of boxes that arrive ready to reheat or eat with simple instructions

& minimum fuss straight from their eco-friendly packaging.

Decorate your table with beautiful flowers that come together with your food and you have yourself a gorgeous dinner party or romantic meal for 2. 

Whatever you are looking for the team at Pineapple express can help you  pick whats suitable for you and your budget. 

Please contact them on 

For all bookings with Wildabout Flowers you will receive a Wild cocktail too! 

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