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One of the best things about our work is the variety each day allows us…. No two days are ever the same!!
The Wildabout events team get to design and work on some fabulously creative parties and last year one of our favourite designs was an event for one of our clients
21st Birthday Party, Wiltshire. Flowers by Holly Clark 
21st Birthday Party, Wiltshire. Photography by Holly Clark
The client brief – To provide a wild and groovy Austin Powers themed 21st Birthday Party for 200 guests in a marquee at the client’s home.

We asked Jo from Added dimension the elements she needed to pull off for the success of the party – ‘As this was the third 21st Birthday Party we had planned for the family it was imperative we thought of and delivered fresh and unique ideas in design, set and entertainment. The client wanted vibrant colours and nothing too serious but he wanted his guests to be wowed by each area they walked into, keeping the suspense and atmosphere high throughout’

Our floral brief was Austin Powers inspired, bright colourful and fun!….. As much as we love flowers, in event design it’s not always the flowers that lead the way….. You can also be super imaginative with props and vases.  With that in mind we hired mannequin legs from our friends over at  Panache Display and covered them with thick tights in bright yellow, purple and reds.  We then decorated the bases with loose arrangements of matching coloured flowers with pops of fresh lime green.

Photography by holly clark

To mix things up the second table design,  we used flocked single colour candle sticks with tight carnation balls in bright colours. On these tables we switched the design up for an explosion and clash of bright colours.


It is so much fun being allowed the creative freedom to go wild and quirky with flowers and we loved the challenge and the opportunity.

Event design – Added Dimension 

Production – Starlight Design 

Photography – Holly Clark 

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